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just got the car on xmas eve
have always wanted one and seen this one and well now own it lol

FRP Light Weight Racing Bonnet

17" BBS Gold Multi Spoke Rims

Fully Adjustable Suspension


HKS Intercooler And Piping

HKS Oil Cooler

KOYO Aluminium Radiator

HKS Remote Oil Filter

Tomei Fuel Rail

A/M Injectors,

Fuel Regulator

HKS Airfilters

Stainless Steel Water Catch Tank

HKS Clutch

Dual Recaro Light Weight Race Seats

HKS EVC Boost Controller

Nismo Steering Wheel

Omoni Water Temperature and Boost Guages

Greddy Racing Harness

the cars been rolling roaded with 376bhp at the wheels at 7078rpm
this was with a standerd exhaust as im waiting on a stainless and high flow cat to arrive

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Got no argument with that... None at all! :D
1 - 20 of 28 Posts