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Hey guys. When I purchased my GTR33 it came with a Kakimoto 3" Cat back exhaust. I am shooting for about 700-750WHP when I am done with my R33. Now I of course realize that I also now need to upgrade my downpipe which appears to be stock size or very close to it. However my real question it this.

I have been told that Kakimoto makes 2 different kinds of 3" exhaust, a racing one and an every day one. I am told I have the every day one. Is this true? Are there 2 different types? My exhuast appears to be 3 inches from the cat back, has manderal bends, a resonator, cat and muffler. Now I am used to running straight 3" pipe with only a muffler so I would of course remove the cat, but I was unsure about the other stuff. Is mine a decent 3" or would a different 3" be necessary?

I have also heard that a 3.5in exhaust is ideal for a GTR33 especially with my power goals, so would a 3.5in make a signifigant difference?

I guess I am just trying to find out if my 3in Kakimoto catback exhaust (as I said I would also upgrade Down Pipe) is sufficent for my 700-750WHP street car, or If I need to upgrade to a different 3" exhaust or even a 3.5". Thanks guys.

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