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Hi All,

I know this seems a little early to be planning for, but believe you and me, lots of events for this are already fully booked!:eek:

I will be posting the Kent/South East Christmas Dinner soon too! Which should be the 3rd December sticking to our 'normal' date. Full details following soon! :squintdan :squintdan


Are you man enough to join us for a New Years Eve to remember?? I have just spoken to the guy running the event, and he told me last year was very paranormal with activity.

The event will be held at Fort Amherst,

There should be a chance to try table tipping, dousing and a quiet 'vigil'. It should be very spooky indeed. This will be a popular event, and will need to be booked well in advance. Ticket price will be £40 per person. Due to the nature of the tunnels there will be no alcohol. You will also need to be fairly fit, and not of a nervous dispostion!

Please add your name if you think you would like to attend, and once I get an idea of numbers will arrange the booking for you all!

Sleep Tight!! :chuckle:

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