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ok, I've finally gotten off my ass and organized an inaugural GT-R meet "for the rest of us"...Skyline enthusiasts who don't speak Korean, are put off by the effete snobbery, no, completely assholes in the Korean Skyline Club, or both.

If there's enough of us, will the GTROC charter us as a branch?

In any event, three R32s, and one R34 are confirmed, another R32 may or may not show. Other JDM cars are completely welcome; I'm trying to get my mechanic to bring his FD RX-7 if he can get out of work, and I know at least one guy who speaks English and drives a pretty nice NSX.

Details: Sunday 22 November, 5pm, Kraze Burger, Tower Palace, Dogok-dong. The restaurant is on the street that runs through the Tower Palace complex, my idea is to park in front of the restaurant and show up in force...the street is usually ruled by exotics. You don't even need a car btw - if you speak English and love cars and just want to hang out and talk cars, do come!

Late notice, I know, but this just got put together and maybe there are some lurkers who might catch this notice. Hopefully, this will be the first of many meets. If you need more info PM me with your number and I'll call you with directions, either by car or subway.
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