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ok this is the last Group Buy we will do until March 2010. These deals will run for 4 weeks only. GTC closes for xmas mid Dec and i'm out of the country before that for overseas dealer trips.

These will probably some of the best deals for a while. VAT goes back to normal rate again end of Dec. Also Cobb have cut the highest dealer rate, which we had been buying at.

euro spec accessport with GTC UK fuel maps

info here

RRP £750 + vat & postage
GB £750 delivered

GTC Titan 80mm Street Performer and 90mm Race edition

A small batch will be finished within 1-2 weeks

info here

RRP (Ti Exhuast + Ti Y-pipe) £2,900 + vat
GB £2,300 + vat

GTC Down pipes

RRP £500 + vat
GB £450 + vat

Let me know...

[email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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