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Hi Guys

I have great pleasure in offering this great car for sale.
As you can see in the heading its a very late model, as you know this means this car runs a BCNR33 Engine with the revised crankshaft.
A major bonus for anyone wishing to purchase what many feel is the purest of the GTR range.

The specification is stage 1 with no frightening mods waiting to fail on you, its offers a great base to improve on or purely detail to perfection.

Finished in the Metallic Silver the 32 holds its years very well and looks far more modern than some other colours in the range. THe paint is crisp and brite as you would hope it to be. All window seals, body rubbers and interior items are also in excellent condition.

The car has benefited from regular servicing in japan and has recently had a new cam belt, oil, fluids and filter service plus a new NISMO Clutch fitted.

The rest of the description is as follows

RB26DETT BNR32 DOR 09/94

SIlver Metallic KLO

Service record: OK

Riding capacity: 4 people

4WD, AWD, Petrol

Timing belt: replaced

Enkei lightweight alloys

Clutch cover, clutch: replaced

Tinted indicators

CUSCO Zero - Height adjustment coilovers

Genuine NISMO bonnet lip

HKS muffler

ECU - light tuned

MOMO steering

Digital speed meter

Greddy turbo timer

Greddy pro tec B boost controller

distance cover 87000m

Greddy turbo meter

Strada DV150 DVD navigation

MD player

HKS air cleaner

Tower bar

Aftermarket horn

Price UK landed £7999

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