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I was just wandering around some forum and i looked that there was a post about lead fuel and it said how much lead fuel can my rb25 handle i must be confused or something i mean i'm from the U.S. and here we use unleaded fuel how can using lead fuel help is it used for racing or what i'm personally a drag racer myself and i just use racing fuel not lead fuel is it used in the U.K. or what please help me out. Also has anyone been to a JGTC event and seen the tricked out black carbon fiber lights the GTR R-34 use in the races well some guy was selling them for 188,635 japanese yen which is $1550 this was in June 8 and 9 in the Super Enduro 500 km at Twin Ring Motegi which was in the 2002 Super Taikyu N1 Enduro when i went to Japan if anyone was there and well the lights had hids and it was fully made out of carbon he also mentioned that the lights costed roughly about $4500 is this true just to know so well the truth is that i bought the headlights which i think was a big mistake since it has very high intensity discharge and it is illegal to use on the streets and when my skyline arrives i will use it as a daily driver and for strip and track also should i just equip the lights for track or do i change the beautiful expensive raybrig hid lights it has or what,the lights are extremely rare and i haven't even touched them what should i do should i change the lights or just use it for track if anyone has seen these carbon headilghts and has them please tell me how to configure the hid lights into regular intensity.

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SA options

'ello there,

From a SA perspective we have the option of 102.6 leaded fuel being fairly easy to obtain from various service stations but needing a racing licence to get unleaded 102.6.
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