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Just had my car in for a check over and the results are that my compression is low... 8.1 to 1, (wiseco pistons) should be around 8.7 to 1. could anyone tell me if this is normal with wisecos, or could it be to do with the recent engine rebuild i have had?

additonally, each cylinder has had a leak down test,
results of 6% in cylinder 1, 8% in 2, 6% in 3, 8% in 4, 6% in 5, and 12% in 6!
upon that finding a camera has been sent down cylinder No.6 and some scoring marks have been found in the bore...

can anyone tell me if 12% is ok or not, as he seems to think not. also, if ok, whats the maximum "safe" zone for leak down tests?? considering the car is running really rich and i suspect there is fuel in the oil, again.

many thanks in advance
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