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I have just finished my rb30/25 det.

Mods are:

550 injectors
walbro intank pump
gready plenum
holset hx40/35 hybrid turbo
using standard r33 airflow meter for the moment
lc-1 wideband

My problem is I have a misfire along with running lean up untill it comes on boost ( not running big boost 0.3 bar).
I have started to scale my airflow meter and it does help.

What I want to know is because I have changed the turbo to a bigger size would it throw out the map and make it lean as I am seeing at the moment.
Surely the airflow meter is seeing a certain amount of air and adding the required fuel.

My a/f ratio on my logs are way to lean compared to the map.
It's as if I'm not getting enough fuel and I'm running lean throughout the whole map.

Do I need to rescale every bit of my airflow voltage?

Any help please.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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