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Hi Glen,

I will be there, and can I have one of those disks pleeease.



ps: I will be there in the RX7, this time, but if you want to see the Skyline, I live about 15 minutes from the pub.

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Of course mate

I shall bring a stack of them and dish em out to all :)

Look forward to seeing you again Leigh - we'll have a pint bud!

Hows the Rex BTW Leigh? - I would love to have a spin in a seven - I heard they are howling good fun:)!

Hopefully some of the Skyline posse from the register will poke their heads thru the door, make it a cosmopolitan afternoon.

Look foward to it ....

Mind you last time someone took me for a spin in a car at a meet I ended up buying the car ;) --- always fancied a RX7.!!!

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