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Hi, I'm looking for a stock genuine NISSAN catback for my 33 GTR.
do you have that or do you know someone who has that even for a lending (French homologuations). I only need it for one or 2 monthes so no matter if I have to send it back.
thanks to all ;)

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R33 GTR Parts for sale, from mint low milage 1995 car


From my mint R33 GTR that i have just broken, due to not selling. Genuine 56,000miles, really looked after car.

Pic below shows what it looked like before it was broken for parts:


Header tank, excellent condition, just needs a clean out. £15
Rear subframe with upper arms and one lower £150
Steering rack, works perfect £120
Steering coloumn, works perfect, with lock/barrel £120
ABS pump, works perfect £150
Clutch slave cylinder, excellent, no leaks, with hose, £30
Brake servo, works perfect £30
Fuel tank £80
4wd pump and reservior (res looks new!), work perfect £100

Exterior Bodywork/Shell and Glass:

Passenger door, mint, complete with window glass, motor and mechanism etc, but no door card or electric window switch. £100
Electric mirrors (heated/adjustable/folding), both mint, work perfect. £40 each
Chassis brace (under car near gearbox), excellent, no rust! £20
Front strut brace, 'Skyline' sticker a little faded, but paintwork excellent. £40
Brake duct, drivers side, some surface rust on brackets, but plastic excellent. £10
Front vertical bar, sits behind grill/bumper, (the bit that gets bent in a crash). £30
Rear brace/stiffener plate from inside boot, excellent. £50
Bootlid, immaculate, £80
Rear bumper, apart from 2 small holes (in the same place as the uk fog lights are recessed) where the previous owner bolted a fog light to it, its immaculate, £30
Bonnet, immaculate £120


Boot cards, 4 sections, no boot carpet. All in as new condition, rare to find this good! £70
Passenger side door card, immaculate! £50
Rear Quarter Cards, unmarked! £40 each
Floor Carpet, immaculate! £70
Panel for side of dash (left hand side of drivers footwell). Unmarked. £20
Glove box surround, unmarked. £30
Boot/fuel flap release lever, unmarked. £20
Lower dash panel, drivers side. unmarked. £30
Glovebox, apart from one very faint hairline scratch, is unmarked. £30
Headlining, unmarked. £70
Centre console cover, unmarked with mint original gear lever gaitor, includes cigarette lighter and ashtray (ashtray unused). £30
Ecu cover panel, passenger footwell, immaculate. £20
Accelerator pedal, excellent £10
Kick plates, excellent £30


G-Sensor, looks new. Lense still shows white, so undamaged. £200
Centre guage cluster, all gauages work perfect. unmarked. £50
Aircon/climate control unit, works perfect, unmarked. £50
Original Quartz clock, works perfect, unmarked. £20
Rear screen heater/hazard warning light unit, works perfect, unmarked. £20
Electric mirror control switch, works perfect, mint. £30
Indicator stalks, excellent £15 each
Standard ecu £60

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Centre console cover, unmarked with mint original gear lever gaitor, includes cigarette lighter and ashtray (ashtray unused). £30

Can I hove this please, also, do you have the windscreen wiper relay unit?



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