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After months of hard work we are thrilled to launch our Nissan GTR LM1 RS at the 2014 Cholmondley Pageant Of Power this weekend :)

Not only have we created what we think is the ultimate trackday GTR but it is also the car that will take Michael Newman to his latest blind land speed record later this summer.

We are honoured to support Mike and his charity, Speed of Sight, in this brave challenge. Anyone who is planning to attend this year’s show please call in and see the team on the Speed of Sight stand next to The Pageant Pub by the lake and start line.

Our road car demonstrator has been running in its LM1 specification since last autumn and has racked up thousands of miles of testing across Europe. The RS model will begin its track testing in the coming weeks with some of our race driver customers helping us develop the setup :D

We expect to do a full press release on both the road and track variants and some of the unique parts we have developed soon.

The RS’s final specification will be finalised after testing but in brief it has the following:


1,100bhp+ (917bhp @ 1.15bar on Vpower in early testing :eek: )
4.6 litre “Red Top” engine using Litchfield Capricorn block with Niksil liners
Litchfield/Capricorn Pistons with custom crown and skirt design
Litchfield/Arrow Rods with internal oil squirters
Litchfield Crankshaft with unique machining and Superfinishing
Litchfield Camshafts with custom valve gear
Litchfield “Red Top” cylinder heads with custom combustion chambers, ports and larger valves
Litchfield Large intake manifold
Litchfield Turbo Kit with Inconel manifolds
Litchfield Race Intercooler with ram air intakes
Litchfield “Battleship” fuel system including custom fuel rails
Litchfield lightweight 102mm exhaust system
Litchfield Stage 4 gearbox upgrade
Dodson Promax clutch
Dodson 6 Speed Gear set with 4wd shafts
Dodson shift forks and shafts
Litchfield 4wd Clutch upgrade
Litchfield gearbox brace
Dodson circlips
Dodson baffle plate
Dodson filters and magnets
Litchfield cooling package for all fluids
Litchfield Front differential upgrade
Litchfield Front suspension arm kit
Dodson rear suspension arm kit
Litchfield/Bilstein prototype track suspension with custom Eibach ERS Springs
Litchfield/Eibach custom anti-roll bars
FIA GT3 full roll cage
Litchfield shell preparation
Knight Racer Carbon body panels
Litchfield battery relocation kit
Litchfield/Cobra race seats and interior package
Alcon CCX carbon ceramic brake system
Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tyres
And much, much more!

Hope you like it!



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That's an absolute beauty! Looking forward to the full details!

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Awsome set up.... What a beast and take my hat off to you for the support to the speed of sight charity.... Good on ya may God bless and reward you
+1 on that!! a big tuner that supports the charity's as well.. well done! some tuners just reap the ££ themselves with greed!

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Ant, the last dyno session we had was back in March and things have moved on a little since then :) On low boost torque was around 750lbft and peak power was 917bhp around 7,200rpm and the redline is set just over 8,000rpm. When we did some shake down runs at 1.5 bar on an airfield the acceleration was ridiculous! :D

We have some new toys being installed at the moment which will give us much more information :)

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I just want that. Stunning spec. Possibly the ultimate road car?
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