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Hi guys and girls,

Some of you may have came across me in the past either on this forum, the SOC or way back when everyone was together on SO.

My name is Kevin Owens or as some of you may remember me by, Wile e. coyote. Ive owned now for many years starting way back in 2002. Back then we offered used Skyline parts, got involved with Sp Autos (My dad Simon use to co-own), and then went on to do a few videos. Even before Alltorqueuk was founded Ive detailed my own cars trying many different products and methods over the years, and helped many others along the way.

So it was natural progression that led me towards offering detailing as a service from our workshop. Our workshop is in the South East, located on the Isle Of Sheppey (North Kent) which can be reached via the M20 (Junction 7) and along the A249, or via the M2 (Junction 5).

We are insured to complete work on your vehicle, which is specifically covers detailing/Valeting. We also take great pride in our work using many different products to achieve the best results.

So with this introduction we hope to see you soon either at our workshop or at a meet with the GTROC :)

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