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These parts are all out of my R32gts 4 that i have broken.

R32gts 4 shell only has rust on the rear arches but very straight otherwise£250

RB20 turbo standard complete engine with intake and exhaust manifold, the sump has been removed and a tin gts one has been bolted up just to protect the internals, all in perfect working order covered 145,000 km
£400 no pics at the mo but can take them next week, the engine's at RK Tuning at the mo.

Mines ECU with loom £150
Standard R32 gts 4 turbo with manifold and elbow £200
Stearing rack £60
Head lights £75 each
Indicators £25 each
Front wings £40 each
Alternator £100
Starter motor £80
Power stearing pump £50
AC Pump £50
ABS Unit £100
Master cylinder £60
Standard stearing wheel £50
Front bumper £80
Rear bumper £50
Side skirts £60
All the boot trim including carpet £70
Centre vent £40
AC Unit £60
Ash tray £20
Plastic surround from ac unit to gearstick £40
HKS panel filter £10
AFM £60
Drivers door electric window and mirror switch panel £40
Standard wheels with good tyres £100

All prices plus p&p

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