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An R34GT turbo and an M3 coupe... I was just looking at what else I could get for sub £20k. Between the cars I am convinced I want a nice R33GTR for my money and not either of the others...

M3 - nice car if a bit yellow, very smooth, but it didn't seem too quick, fine once moving but lacked the immediate nature of the impreza that I loved, a great cruising car... The example I looked at was a non evo 1995 model, so maybe a the Evo version improves this a bit. But then I understand that there is a common problem with the 'Vanos' systems on the evos...

Anyway on balance I quite liked the way it looked and performance once rolling was ok, handling seemed ok, but then I didn't have much opportunity to try it. Nice engine too. Then I started looking and every other car on the road is a 3 series the M3 looks no different, and is pretty common too, saw 3 other M3's today around bristol today.

Anyway then I went to look at an skyline R34 GT-t

Nice looking car, not quite as aggressive as the GTR, but the people who aren't in the know probably wouldn't tell the difference. And Great as the GT-t is, its not a patch on a GTR, I don't want a tiptronic change, though it would be a better choice than an M3 IMHO. So I'm still sure I want an R33GTR now...
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