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well, since i dont have access to a plethora of GT-Rs around here, i was wondering if you guys have any in-car videos of skylines with aftermarket tubbies. ive put an endless amount of hours skimming thru pretty much every single turbo thread on here, but in all honesty, words cannot describe what a video can show, plus i dont want to start yet another flame war:D

having that said, im looking for in-car videos of cars with std/gt-ss/2530/2860-5-7 supporting mod list would be ideal but not really necessary

an interesting one is this: YouTube - Nissan Skyline In Cyprus
but i have absolutely no idea what he's running but its rather insane. trying to look at the gauges it seems that its not picking up till way too late. can anyone identify the exhaust on that one? hks silent? loving the non screamy sound. and where on earth is that rushing air noise coming from.

thanks in advance:thumbsup:
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