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Dear fellow R35 owners!

I have an Sept SatNav car and at 597 miles experienced the following incident - has anyone had anything similar happen to them?

1. Drove for approx 50 miles out of London ending in high speed motorway run with 3 mile cool down on A/B roads.
2. Lets car idle for 30 secs to avoid brake binding, switched off and locked up.
3. Vehicle parked on flat ground.
4. Returned to car, opened with keyless button and started up.
5. Usual TM and oil check sequence on dash.
6. Put car into R and accelerated - no drive and the car limited itself to 1,400RPM
7. Put car into D/1 and accelerated - no drive and the car limited itself to 1,400RPM
8. Put car into P and could rev normally - retried R and D/1 to same effect.
9. Turned car off.
10. Re-started car and drive returned.

I was very concerned by this 'glitch' and the car is going into an HPC for data download and analysis.

Has anyone else had or heard of a similar problem?



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I've not suffered your specific issue, although I, and most users, have experienced;

- hesitation when pulling away
- failure to respond at all
- inabilty to reverse up gradients
- misc gear selection anomalies in A

you gotta love it though :bowdown1:
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