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I have just been informed today that my brand new forged engine has a crack in the block.So i am converting my car back to standard and selling :bawling::bawling:.Better to cut my losses now i think.
Bear in mind all the prices are in euros€
Anyway heres what i have:
Sard 700cc injectors (400 miles use) €320
Hks twin plate clutch and flywheel bought from uk paisley on this forum, loads of meat.Looks barely used €475
Greddy clear cam cover €50
R33 long oil pump drive crank €300
Head with plenum and throttle bodies with brand new valve seals(400 miles use) €450
R34 stainless bsteel elbows €100
Apext twin cone filters €100
Apexi d-jetro power fc with boost control kit and all harness's and nipples, brand new and unopened in box €750
Nismo white speedo €300
Greddy intercooler €300
Carbon spoilers caps with gtr written on them €50
Blitz twin bov's with trumpets and pipe €175
Endless super street series pads s sport brand new in box €150
Apexi pen turbo timer with air/fuel reader and skyline wiring harness €70
Garrett 2860-5's (400 miles use) €1400
3 inch de-cat €50
Big oil catch tank with hoses €60
Greddy profec b boost controller(black) with mounting bracket €120
Greddy blue cam pulleys(400 miles use) €150
Greddy strong timing belt (400 miles use) €40
Apexi stainless steel downpipe €150
Koyo aluminium rad with nismo 1.2 bar cap €200
Sard 280 l/p/h fuel pump brand new in box €250
Braided brake lines * 4 €50
Nismo rear spats in qm1 white €150
Tomei sump baffle (400 miles use)€150
87mm wiseco forged pistons and eagle rods with arp rod bolts €700
Arp head studs(torqued down twice) (400 miles use) €70
Arp main studs (400 miles use) €70
N1 oil pump (400 miles use) €150
N1 water pump (400 miles use) €100
Triple 60mm gauge holder moulded to sit on dash €100
Sparco seat adjustable seat rail €50
Painted white cam covers €50

Open to sensible offers on parts, nothing silly though as i bought most of these parts for a lot more.

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i want the Greddy profec b boost controller if you can send it to sweden ?
Tomei sump baffle (400 miles use) offer €100 ??

also interested in n1 water/oil pump but i gonna need pictures of the lot so i know what im buying.

Kind Regards
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