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So I've owned the car for two days and it's unfortunately had to go back due to a bad map, or so I'm told. Apparently after the dyno they flashed a map back on and it didn't take / go in properly. Pretty sure that's what error correction is fror but hey ho.

I had a small list of gripes, so they've kindly agreed to take the car away, have just collected it and I hope to see it again next week.

1) Car was idling at 1250rpm and didn't seem to disengage the clutch / was creeping forward despite no throttle.

2) Suspension way too hard and NSR shock making a "shush" noise when going over bumps.

3) Smoke on lift off after full throttle, probably too rich.

4) Not sure if it's injector noise as it's not increasing in terms of pitch but a very loud rattling from the engine bay so loud it's audible in the cabin. Not sure what else it could be other than injectors, can post a video if anyone's interested?

Hopefully the car will come back with those things fixed, but whilst it's in I'm researching another issue......

I emailed Linney about their exhaust just now:

"I***8217;ve just bought a rather nice 1000hp GTR with a few trick parts on it. One of them is your titanium exhaust with flame coloured tips. I have a few loud cars including a straight piped RS6 but this has a sound which is simply ***8220;outrageous***8221;. Not that I don***8217;t like outrageous once I***8217;m not in my home road, I***8217;d like to hear it at full chat!

The question I have is, can you do anything valve related to give me a ***8220;cold start***8221; option to lose a good few decibels? I really don***8217;t want to put a quieter exhaust on but I***8217;d like to be able to get out of my road in the mornings without waking up with a brick on the car seat ***128522;"

Does anyone know if this is indeed possible, or will I have to plump for a different backbox setup / entire system?

If the latter, does anyone want to do a trade / deal / swap or whatever with a system that's either adjustable, or quieter until on full chat?


Edit - Injectors are these ASNU 90/1050C Nissan GTR 1100cc Inj (needs harness)
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