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Hello everyone!

Well FINALLY after about 16-17 months of lurking on this forums I have decided to join. I do not own a skyline, but I love the history behind the car and the amazing performance of the car. I have sat in both R32 and R33 GT-R's but sadly have never driven one or got a ride in one :bawling: I would love to 1 day own one. A little about my self, I'm 26 been in to cars for about 14 years. I have owned 2 cars so far. My current car is a 2001 Celica GT 5 speed. I also enjoy graphic desing and photography(Dino and a few others here, I LOVE your work!) Here's a pic of my celica before I put it back to stock thinking I was going to sell it for something with more power, but I still have it. :chairshot

Quick list of mods:
Full TRIAL tuning spirit Body kit(Friend works for TRIAL in Osaka)
TRIAL Header, only one in North America(special made for GT celica)
Tein coilovers
Apex'i N1 exhaust
Injen CAI
TRD Short Shifter
TRD Rear Strut brace
Tanabe front strut bar
Tanabe front and rear under brace
Cusco Lower arm brace
G-games 18" 77W Wolf bronze/ Falken tires.

Nothing too fancy, but the car handles great!

I also worked at a speed shop were I got the chance to build some very cool rides and drive them for magazine photoshots. Here's a few pics of those cars.

(Me driving!:clap: this was SLOW! :p )

<img src=>
(this one was a bit faster and a blast to drive, got to drive out to California for a few shows:thumbsup: )

<img src=>
(I drove this WRX for the cover shot of modified magazine a whila back, this was also a very fun car to drive)

( SMGII M3, Fun and good for sliding :thumbsup: )

<img src=>
(PEPSI/MAZDA Show RX-8, probably the funnest car I have driven, handles great, even with a turbo kit it still lacked a little more power, but hey is faster than my celica:D , if any of you watch hot version videos you will see this car on the American Togue 2 video, where it got destroyed by a R34 GTR:chairshot )

<img src=>(Nissan sileighty/240sx/S13 Drift/time attack car - SCARY to drive on the street!!! hahaha:chuckle: Fast and loud, what else car you ask for?)

Well Thanks for reading, if you have any questions regarding any of the cars please let me know. :thumbsup:

Jon aka Chico :nervous:
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