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The ecu and thr dash can be bought with all sorts of options either enabled or disabled, which alters their value greatly. If you bought them new you would have had to say what options you wanted enabled :

For the ADL2 :

* Extended (50) Inputs & Outputs
* Pro Analysis (advanced data analysis)
* Logging (16 Mbyte)
* Telemetry Support
* Remote Logging
* Wideband Lambda measurement

Three wiring options are available for the ADL2:

* Custom wiring looms for complex installations - recommended
* Separate I/O Terminal Module with plug-in screw terminals. Includes a Realtime Clock, additional RS232 port and wide ranging power supply.
* Standard (vehicle style) wiring loom for specific installations.

For the ecu there is:

The M800 has various options which are field upgradable using a password and enabling system. Upgrade options include:

Gives you access to continuous recording of the operating parameters of the engine and vehicle including diagnostic features.

Pro Logging
Enables advanced data analysis with Graph Overlays, XY Plots, Maths Functions, Virtual Instrument Display and Track Maps.

Wideband Lambda (air fuel ratio)
Allows the use of NTK UEGO or Bosch LSU high accuracy Wideband Lambda sensors.

Enables the transmission of data from the M800 to another point (e.g. the pit garage) in real time.

If you know what was ordered can you let me know? Cheers.

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Hi chris we are getting the serial numbers checked out on monday by MOTEC since the guy that sold it to us never gave all the details.

I will post up when we know

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