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Please forgive me for putting something looking like a complete and utter blatant ad up here, but I geniunely think some of you might be interested.

I have recently set up and would like you to have a look at my site if you get chance.

But what i really signed up on here for was to tell you about a discontinued item of stock from Magnex, a complete Cat Back system for 2wd/4wd R33 GTS or GTR Skyline for £149.99 instead of £369.99. This is a great bargain and is still covered by the lifetime warranty.

Please have a look at my site and email me if you are interested in the Magnex System, which I believe are of very limited stock.

Id also love it if a moderator would email me about the possibility of running a banner ad on here, because Id really like to run one on such a great site!

Kindest regards.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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