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As it says, a last minute deal guys. If you interested, book directly with Javelin.


Yes !! you have read it right. Due to a genuine last minute deal we have 4 hours of Open Pit Lane tracktime available at Mallory Park for just £69. Date is Friday September 8th. On circuit action will be from 1pm to 5pm. As if that wasn't enough the noise limit will be a generous 105dba. You can even watch the Tour Britannia races from 11am onwards if you wish. Book Online or telephone 01469 560574.

Other forthcoming events include ;

BARKSTON - September 3rd & 30th - £89
CADWELL PARK - September 7th - £99 - A few places left
WOODBRIDGE - September 9th- £109 !!! New Venue !!!
ELVINGTON - September 16th - £95
CROFT - October 1st - £155
CADWELL PARK - November 11th - £129 !!! New Date !!!

Click on the link below to see all our latest news and dates information,

Book Online ot Tel 01469 560574

We always aim to bring the you best package possible without comprising Safety, Quality of tracktime and Customer Care.

The Organisers

Tel 01469 560574 or e mail - [email protected]

I can't do this one, but if you guys fancy a trip, contact Javelin directly please.

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