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Looooooooooovely :bowdown1::cool:

Rare care :eek:

Induction kit, bov, nice alloys, and TEIN coilovers are on the car:wavey:

The Nissan Stagea Turbo is extremely rare in RS Four S spec - This model has a factory fitted 5 speed manual with a Skyline R33 GT-R based 4WD system.

As with the GT-R, drive is usually to the back wheels, with the Atessa system sending drive to the front wheels when the electronics sense that the rear wheels are slipping. There is also a HICAS system to help control rear end slides. The engine of the RS Four S is an RB25 derived Neo 24 Valve DOHC (Variable valve timing) straight six turbo, which as standard produced 280 bhp out of the factory. This resulted in a spaceous 5 seater with excellent load carrying ability combined with handling, road holding and performance

full details here:

Newera Imports - home / stock / carDetails

unmarked , mint interior

nice lights!

350z wheels :cool:

engine you can eat your dinner off , of

APEXI Induction (its spanking new)

and Blitz Bov included

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