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Well, my engine has been run in nice a carefully and yesterday was mapping day 1.
Started off nice and slowly altering the base map that was in the car for running in purposes and upped the boost to a nice safe 1.2Bar. Everything run like clockwork and the skyline smile instantly returned. (god it felt so much different than it did with standard boost, i had forgotten what it was like :) )
A few more tweeks here and there parked up in a layby and we were off again and the boost was slowly upped to 1.4Bar. Not a breath of det/knock in sight and the car pulled like a train all the way round the to the redline of 8300rpm with bundles of torque. :cool:
Stopping again and a few more tweeks to the map, we set off yet with the boost being upped to 1.55Bar. My god, the car had turned into a complete animal, the car felt SO much quicker than it was before the rebuild and that was 525BHP @ 1.2Bar, it felt easily over 600BHP. The shear ferosity of the acceleration took my breath away, gear changes were happening ALOT quicker and still no sign of any det what so ever. :smokin:
Yet another pitstop with quite alot of fine tuning, ironing out any flatspots, checking everything over and we were ready to begin final mapping for the day with the boost being raised to 1.7BAR :eek:. OMFG!!!! It felt like i had been strapped into a cruise missile, this is by far the quickest car i have ever driven, it was scary! Breaking traction going through most of the gears with the passing scenery just a blur. :D
Alas after 6 + hours of mapping we decide to call it a day as the traffic was just too heavy to really open it up and what with me fearing for my life, licence and sanity, the next batch of mapping is going to be done on the rollers. Boost was turned back down to the 1.55BAR setting as the 1.7 hadn't quite been completed.

Roll on next week when it gets tweeked to 1.8 - 2.0 BAR of boost should also have a nice dyno graph to show everyone.

Sorry to bore whoever has sat through a read this. Just can't get this bloody grin off my face. :D

Big big thanks to Dave for all your time and knowledge. Top bloke.:thumbsup:


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Martin, I know your an ECU collector, do you have much experience with Base maps on a PFC? I have a stage 1 GTR and I just want to make some minor tweeks to it so I can run the PFC at 1 bar.... dont fancy goin for a full map now as I got turbos, elbows, cams etc to go on in the winter....
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