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I am selling a 2U Marshall Valvestate VS120/120 120watt stereo Poweramp.
It's used but in excellent condition. Few scratches here and there and a bit of rack rash, but all purely cosmetic. These units have been out of production for some years now, and are hard to come by nowadays.

The amp runs at 120watts in mono mode, and 60 watts per side in stereo mode.
It has 2 inputs for mono or stereo and features 4 outputs, 2 per side, allowing for a possible 4 cab stereo setup.
It also has 2 Valvestate modes. Depth and Dimension. One of which adds extra low end to simulate the effects of playing through a cab at a higher volume level, the other allows you to switch it to a more PA-style sound, for running mics/mixers and such through. Both these modes are footswitchable via rear-mounted sockets. (No footswitches included with unit)

The front panel has knobs for volume, presence and resonance. The latter two acting as extra bass treble controls to add extra body to the sound.
The rear also has the impedance switch and supports 4 8 or 16 ohms. Power is via a standard IEC kettle-style lead. Manual will also be included.

This is a very loud poweramp, which is my reason for sale. I only use it for home use, and have a small room, so I can't crank it up. During the 2 years I've owned it, if the volume knob had been numbered, I would say it has literally never been past #1.
I've recently replaced it with the smaller 20watt EL84 Marshall poweramp, which is valve powered, and my sound hasn't changed. To me, the VS120 seems to have the same level of warmth as the new amp.

I'm looking for £175 for it, which also includes the postage.

Some pics:
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