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Just toying with the idea after popping to RB motorsport the other day. I have a fully rebuilt engine by RB Motorsport, fully maintained by them no expense spared all recipts etc has done approx 10,000miles and dyoned at 600hp at flywheel. Engine spec is

86.5mm Os Giken pistons
Balanced crank,rods and clutch assembly
260° Tomei Poncams
Tomei oil pump with head restrictor
Tomei sump baffle
N1 waterpump
N1 Conrod bearings
Tomei Conrod bolts
Tomei metal head gasket
Tomei Turbo Elbows
GtT2860-5 turbos

just gaging what level of interest there would be for purchasing the engine and would i really notice a great deal more going to a 2.8L (OS Giken 3L is a bit out of my price range!). The car is used few times a week with the odd track use. Like i say not a definite sale just toying with options.. What sort of money would i get for it i was expecting around £5k given how much it cost originally!! :)
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