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looks great, how many hours did you put into that?
Thank you, it was only booked in for a protection detail which is -

•Pre wash lower half of vehicle using a citrus based cleaner
•Wheels fully cleaned with a non acidic gentle cleanser
•Door shuts cleaned by hand
•Wheel arches cleaned by hand
•Pre wash exterior of vehicle using a pH neutral based snow foam
•A 2 bucket wash with a fine quality lambs wool wash mitt
•Tar removed from vehicle
•Exterior paintwork is clayed to remove bonded contaminants
•Carefully dried with specialised drying towels
•Paintwork is treated with a high end pre wax cleanser to aid the bonding of wax
•Chrome/stainless steel trim cleaned and treated (includes exhaust)
•High end carnauba wax or durable sealant is applied to all paintwork
•Wheels waxed using specialist dust repellent coating
•Interior is fully vacuumed and dusted
•Leather is cleaned and fed using top end leather products
•Interior plastics and panels are cleaned and dressed with a satin finish
•Windows are polished inside and out
•Water repellent treatment is applied to exterior windows to aid vision
•Tyres are dressed with a rubber preserving dressing
•Arches are dressed
•Exterior trim is dressed

We also added a one stage machine polish to remove some light marking on the paint work and swissvax crystal rock upgrade, Myself and Angela worked around 8-9hrs.

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