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Sunday August 27, 2006
D1 Grand Prix @ Ebisu Ciruit round 5

The official D1 GP of Japan has been a top spot for 2006 motor sports media and fortunately I have been lucky to enough to attend a few of the recent events here in Japan.

For this action packed installment, I headed off to the southern point of Fukashima-ken where the famous Ebisu circuit is located. Ebisu circuit in general, is well known for having 7 mini circuits based on one large ten square kilometer portion of land. In addition to its great popularity, it’s one of the only tracks in Japan that offers twenty-four hour, 365 day a year drifting and grip access on a closed circuit. Yes, that’s right Mary Poppens! For a mere 8000 JPY, anyone with a soul for living on the edge can enter the main gate at any given time. Whether it’s at 11 pm at night or 3 am in the morning.

Getting on with the day, I hoped in the drag prepped Mustang GT and left Yokohama at roughly 5 30 am. By 6 20 am I had met up with a few good friends, Dino Dalle Carbonare, Andy and Amy from Power House Vehicles. Andy had a stunning Toyota Chaser Tourer V that day, with looks to match. Heres an image of the Chaser trying to catch me….lol

From the time I arrived at 8 30 am, I signed in for the media package, received the flashy D1 GP media jacket and wandered around the paddock for some close shots of the event cars.

Here are a few of shots from the paddock area.

Mr. Ueo is the driver of this D1 Street legal class entry which was built and maintained by our affiliates at Feast RS of Shikoku. Power is coming from a stroked SR20DET which has been reworked by Tomei Race Engineering.

The Super Autobacs built BNR34, which runs in th D1 GP class.

The Shino Kouba FC3S driven by Mr. Takeyama. Mr. Takeyama qualified number 3 for the final Sunday race.

Up front and close during the driver’s introduction. Here some of the drivers had a word and thanked there sponsors and the fans. Daijiro, (to the right) the king of speed didn’t say much, but as usual he had a great sense of humor. Keichi Tsuchiya (middle), the drift king, made a short but dominant speech, which thanked all the fans for there support. And last but not least, the man with a mouth, Manabu Suzuki (left). Manubu is definitely a great guy with a sense of character that not many can accomplish. And to top this off, he even has a great English speaking ability, so evidentially I was able to converse with him in the press room.

D1 Street Legal cars were up first with a total of 8 cars shooting for the win. For the finals, Mr. Ueno in the S15 was up against Mr. Koguchi in the Team Falken JZX100. They had a tuff battle and the judges put the finals into sudden death where Team Falken driver, Mr. Koguchi took the win.

A few images from the Street Legal class with the finals placed furthest down

To be continued...

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Great pics, thanks for sharing . . looks loke you had your nose very close to the action.:)
Did you need a press badge for close up pics?
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