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We have been working for the past few months developing this new exhaust for the R35 GTR.
I am happy to inform that the exhaust is now complete and ready to be offer to the public.

Nissan have done a great job with the R35 GTR. It is a great car that are fast and practical.
However, they had compromised the "feel" of the GTR in chasing practicality.

As car enthusiast, we like to feel that the car is something special when we are behind the wheels.
We do not want our car to sound raspy or like marbles shaking in a tin can, but we don't want our car to be like a normal everyday "run of the mill" cars either.

The MeisterR R35 GTR Exhaust was created with one thing in mind, and that is to bring that special "feeling" back to the GTR.

Here is a quick list of feature with the MeisterR Exhaust System:

* Large Bore for High Flow: 3.5" Y-pipe and Primary ensure high flow for more power.

* Unique Design: On centre 1 into 4 design produce balance flow between the left and the right side of the exhaust.
Y-Pipe with Exhaust Rear section are designed to work together to give an aggressive growl at full throttle but remain sensible at motorway speed.

* High Grade Material: Hand build from 1.5mm thick T316 Stainless Steel. (Higher Grade than the common T304 Stainless Steel)
MeisterR specified ECR-Glass packing material ensure silencer performance and durability.

* Quality Workmanship: Completely Back-Purge TIG welded.
Back Purging weld both surface of the joint creating the strongest and smoothest weld.
This process costly and time consuming, therefore it is normally reserved for fabrication of exhaust manifold where strength is necessary.

* Track Silencer Add-on available: We know GTR owners loves the track.
That is why we added a "safety hook" mechanism for additional track silencer on every exhaust system just in case owners need to lower the noise level for track days.

* Aggressive Look: Quad 5" Slash Cut tips comes standard with the MeisterR exhaust system.
The mounting point of these tips are design to be same as the stock exhaust, therefore you can re-use the stock exhaust tip if you prefer something a bit less aggressive.
The choice is yours! :)

* LIFETIME WARRANTY: We are so confident about our products that we are willing to offer a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser.
We even warranty moving parts such as the "flex-joint".
Should anything go wrong, simply send the exhaust back to us and we will repairs or replace the faulty parts.
This is truly the LAST EXHAUST you will ever need to buy for your R35 GTR.

GTROC Register Intro Price: £1,995 Delivered

Drag Launch with Un-Resonated Y-Pipe Sound Clip

Resonated Y-Pipe Sound Clip

Non-Resonated Y-Pipe Sound Clip

Complete Exhaust System

3.5" Y-Pipe

3.5" Primary Pipe

Connection is a combination of flange and sleeve, this double seal ensure the exhaust remain leak free.

1 into 4 Rear Exhaust Section

Quality TIG Welding

Fully Back Purged Welded

Polished 5 Inch Slash Cut Exhaust Tips

Safety Hooks for Addition Track-day Silencers

Total Weight: 27.50 kg (Y-Pipe: 8.10 kg, Exhaust 19.40 kg)

How to Order:

I am extremely excited in offering this new system to R35 GTR members, and I am sure owners will enjoy this exhaust system just as much as I do on my own car. :cool:

Simply drop us an E-mail at [email protected] and we can arrange everything.

We can do this exhaust delivered at £1,995
If you prefer to have this exhaust installed, we arrangement for installation at either Valet Magic or Kaizer.

If anyone have any questions, please feel free to PM me or E-mail me at [email protected]
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