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We here at MeisterR are very excited to announce that our sponsored driver Michael Marshall from Team MnM had just secured the 2013 British Drift Championship Title for the Super Professional Class.

Michael Marshall had achieve this feat without many sponsors behind him which make this achievement even more astounding.
Battling and winning against sponsor back cars such as Falken Tyres, Lassa Tyres, Japspeed, Driftworks, BC-Racing, Lucas Oil, etc. were no easy task.

This championship win confirm Michael Marshall as one of the best drift driver in UK, and MeisterR's ability to provide the technical support needed to win at the top level of Motorsports.

MeisterR are proud to be the suspension sponsor of Michael Marshall and Team MnM; the feedback from the drivers will surely help us to develop better products in the future.
We would like to congratulate Team MnM and Michael Marshall again, and we look forward to defending the title in 2014.

Jerrick and Edwin
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