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This stunning widebody R32 GTR is the previous demo car for MeisterR Ltd.
One of the most well known R32 GTR around, it has been featured in multiple magazines in around the world, such as Banzai, Max Power, High Performance Import etc.
Built using the highest quality and rare parts, many on this car are discontinued and no longer available; making this R32 GTR a unique car.

Engine & Drivetrain:
The engine and gearbox are freshly serviced and are in great health.
Cold oil pressure of 6 Bar and warm oil pressure of 2 Bar indicate healthy oil system. Only fully synthetic oil is used in the engine such as Gulf and Silkolene.
Engine power are increased with a free flowing exhaust system comprise of a Trust front pipe and a custom made megaphone 4” HKS Titanium Drag Exhaust System.
A pair of SARD intake filter helps the engine breath in.
Boost pressure is increased to 0.9 bar using a Blitz SBC-ID boost controller and a Raising Sun Performance Stage 1 ECU.
Splitfire Direct Ignition coil packs and Splitfire DI Bridge are also installed to make the most out of the increased fuelling.

Gearbox is freshly serviced and shifts smoothly from 1st to 5th gears in any speed without any crunch.
Clutch is healthy with progressive but strong bite, perfect for street use. Combined with a C’s Short shifter, the gears changes are quick and solid.
An up rated 2-way LSD is also installed in the rear to help put the power to the ground and make use of the available traction.
The combine result is 380 bhp that are extremely responsive and perfect for fast country road driving.

Chassis & Braking:
MeisterR being a UK suspension specialist benefit from a range of chassis upgrade.
This GTR is installed with a set of MeisterR prototype Coilovers.
The coilovers are custom build unit that are fully hand build in the UK.
The coilovers are also fitted with Eibach ERS Springs (Front 8kg/mm, Rear 6kg/mm) to ensure consistency and accuracy.
This prototype suspension is design to provide comfortable and compliant ride quality and responsive handling at the same time.

The front and rear brakes are also changed to a set of MeisterR prototype forged calipers brake system.
The forged calipers have 6-pistons and measure 355mm front and rear.
These brakes were tested around the 3.66 miles Silverstone Arena GP and exhibited consistent and stable braking with no fade during fast laps around the circuit.
A Nismo front strut brace and a Cusco rear strut brace further increase chassis rigidity.

One of the highlights of this GTR is the rare parts used in its interior.
The most noticeable is the pair of genuine Nismo bucket seat sitting on matching Nismo seat rails.
These Nismo seat are discontinued and are no longer available for purchase new from Japan.
The Seat is made of ECSAINE, an Alcantara material from Toray (inventor of Alcantara) that are only sold in Japan.
It is one of the most rare and comfortable seats available for the GTR.

A genuine carbon fibre dash cover by Top Secret also spice up the interior.
An extremely rare piece that are also no longer being produce in Japan.
This dash cover gives the interior a whole new exotic look and is sure to stand out from the crowd.
Leather RAZO Gear knob, RAZO aluminium paddles, and a MOMO steering wheel complete the interior giving it a sophisticated race looks.

Without a doubt the most shocking feature of this GTR is how it looks.
The edgy wide body kit gives this GTR a menacing look that is unrivalled.
The wide body kits are composed of TBO front bumper and TBO side skirts.
D-Speeds front grill and rear spoilers with custom gurney flap.
Yanack front and rear GT wide fenders.
Do-Luck rear bumper, Speed-R carbon fibre bonnet, and the Mine’s dry carbon wing mirror complete the menacing enhancement.
The rears LED taillights are covered by a Tomei light cover (also discontinued).
The GTR is finished in a stunning Lamborghini Grigio Avalon Metallic (PPG: 0049) that has to been seen to be appreciated.

Wheels and Tyres:
The unique ASSO Interspeed centre lock wheels were a limited production of 100 set worldwide.
This unique wheel use an adaptor to change the standard 5 stud to a single centre lock design.
As well as being rare, it also perfectly suits the GT style of the car.

Toyo Proxes R1R in 265/35/18 wrap around the wheels.
The R1R is a fully threaded Semi-Slick compound tyre that will work well on the track or on the road in the rain.
These R1R have less than 3000 miles from new and are in great condition with plenty of tread left.

The Bad Bits:
There are a few holes on the driver side A-pillar trim where the gauges use to go, and some general wear and tear on the paint work (rock chips, scratch, etc).
Otherwise, the is mechanically sound and ready to be driven away.

This unique and high quality GTR was well cared for with no expense spare in acquiring top quality and rare parts.
Considering the history of this GTR and the value of the unique parts

The asking price is £12,995 ono
The sale price does not include the private plate C19 GTR

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me, E-mail me at [email protected], or call me on 07907 527333.
Thank you for looking.



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Any interests? I am up for part ex if it is for something a bit more sensible and less modified.


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Can't believe that this still hasn't sold!

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A quick bump again... the weather isn't all the greatest so haven't really got a chance to take her out.

We need summer and we need it fast. :)


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A few bit changed from the pics:

1. The hole in the centre dash now have a little cubby inside.
2. MOT ran out so new MOT will be on next week.
3. Tax run out end of the month, so new tax will be put on.

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