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hi guys we invite you to our memorial cruise! i no you might not be into cruising ect but its for a good cause!

very unfortantly my mates sister has just passed away!she had a rare kidney ilness and it made it hard for her to walk so she was in a wheelchair alot, her birthday was on this date ( 6th october ) she was only 22 ! i am now organising a memorial cruise on the 6th of october to give her a send away!

this event is NEXT friday, we hope that you can make it down to give gemma the best send of that she would of wanted.

many thanks,

cruise-4us admin.

if u wana no who we are then look below...

( jd-media - Home ) then on the left hand site click videos. then scroll down untill you come across ( ace-cafe march 2006 ) right click then save as... thats what we can bring you! also comming in 2007.
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