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Hi folks! As some of you may know I've been fitting a Greddy Td06 25G Turbo kit, story goes something like this......
Firstly we snapped two studs taking the old manifold off, but they broke quite deep in the block. Mark at MGT kindly offered to help me get them out free off charge if I could get the car trailered down to them! Anyway, we managed to get them out by welding on to them so didn't need to get the car down to them.
Well on Saturday, after about a month of starting the upgrade we finally got it all finished, as it's been a nightmare trying to source all the bits. So new manifold studs and nuts, new uprated manifold gasket and custom oil feed and drain pipe all bolted on, start her up and it starts blowing like mad from the manifold, an for some reason the oil temp went off the scale!
I checked over everything we had done, but all the bolts felt tight so at this point I decided to give up because it's been a right pain in the ass trying to get everything to fit correctly, ordering bits from all over the place, and as I've been out of work for a good few months now I couldn't really afford to do anything else.
I decided to get the car taken to Mark and Garth at MGT Racing to see what they thought. So yesterday I persuaded the AA to send a low-loader to take the car down to them. So I get there about 10.30 and Mark had a look and told me it would all need to be taken off again (as I was expecting!) as the manifold studs were to long to suit the style of manifold, and upon closer inspection you could clearly see one off the studs was bending were it was catching the manifold pipe.
It's not a nice feeling knowing your going to have take apart something that's taken you sooooo long to to put together in the first place, plus I'm no mechanic and I didn't want the hassle trying to do it myself again, but at the same time I couldn't afford to pay somebody else to fix it!
So Mark then offered to to let me use his Snap-on tools to take it apart and would assist me where needed, I couldn't believe my luck. Anyway I undone a few bolts, but Mark pretty much done all the work! He trimmed down the end off the studs, fitted a new gasket put it all back together for me by just after 3.30, so that's 5hrs give or take.
The best bit is, he only charged me for 1 hours labour and let me dribble over his tool set!!
I wanted to share this, because it's just nice to know that given the current state of everything, there are still people out there genuinely willing to help you out and, are not just in it for the cash.
MGT Racing ROCK!!

388.4 BHP & 362.3 lbft @ the Hubs... With
more to come... :
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