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Depends where in the midlands you are prepared to travel to, see Derby pub meet 20th Oct thread, there are plenty coming along and your welcome to come yourself if its not too far for you.:smokin:

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1. Start at Dale Acre Way, Telford (UK-TF__). 179 yards
164 m 0.0 miles
0.0 km
2. After 179 yards take the 3rd Exit off the roundabout onto Hollinsgate.
225 yards
206 m 0.1 miles
0.2 km
3. After 225 yards take the 4th Exit off the roundabout into A5.
1.5 miles
2.5 km 0.2 miles
0.4 km
4. You just left TELFORD.
5. Continue straight into A5. 13.2 miles
21.3 km 1.8 miles
2.8 km
6. After 13.2 miles at M6/J12 take the 1st Exit off the roundabout into M6 direction STAFFORD, [M6] THE NORTH WEST.
5 miles
8 km 15.1 miles
24.1 km
7. You are entering STAFFORD.
8. Leave the M6 at junction M6/J13 and straight ahead into A449 direction [A449] STAFFORD. 3.2 miles
5.2 km 20.1 miles
32.2 km
9. After 3.2 miles take the 4th Exit off the Wolverhampton Road (Roundabout) into A34 (Queensway).
318 yards
291 m 23.3 miles
37.3 km
10. After 318 yards take the 2nd Exit off the roundabout into A518 (Lammascote Road).
1.2 miles
1.9 km 23.5 miles
37.6 km
11. Continue straight into A518 (Weston Road). 3 miles
4.9 km 24.7 miles
39.5 km
12. Continue straight into A518 (Stafford Road). 495 yards
453 m 27.7 miles
44.4 km
13. Continue straight into A51 (London Road). 166 yards
152 m 28.0 miles
44.8 km
14. You just left STAFFORD.
15. Continue straight into A51 (London Road). 98 yards
90 m 28.1 miles
45.0 km
16. Turn right into A518. 9.9 miles
15.9 km 28.2 miles
45.1 km
17. After 9.9 miles take the 3rd Exit off the roundabout into A50 direction HATTON, [A50] BURTON-UPON-TRENT, BURTON-UPON-TRENT via [A511], DERBY via [M1], FESTON.
10 miles
16.1 km 38.1 miles
60.9 km

Then from here follow the directions found in the Derby Pub Meet Thread...;)

Come on... You Know you want to...:D

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Paul... PM Draxx And Elvira they live in Stoke... May have a little room in the car...;) Unless Draxx has removed the rear seats to house a HOOOOOOGGGGGGEEEEE Intercooler...:D:D:D

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just wondered, I may come down, but just got out of hospital last thursay so it may be a bit soon. I sick of taking the piss out of boy racers on the car park up my me and they still try to race me in there little novas and VTR's. So I thought I go to a proper meet

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thats for the suggestion, but i really got a lot of A-level work that should have been in weeks ago that i gotta finish! as soon as i pass my test(12th november hopefully) i will be driving all over the country to various events for all cars. still, i may try to get myself down to derby
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