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I must now sell my GTR, the genuine reason is I'm starting my own business and
1: I could do with the cash for the business
2: I need something cheaper to run, due to unknown future income etc.
It has been a really hard decision to sell it after all the time and effort that has been put into it, but sacrifices must be made. I'm going to miss this forum, the GTROC and the people I have met at the events etc.

The car

1996 R33 GTR Vspec in Midnight Purple (LP2) that has 72000 miles on the clocks with R34 running gear. The running gear came from No13 UK Vspec car that was reg 2000, the running gear has done about 45000miles.

What it's got

R34 engine (complete engine installed, inc inlet manifold, injectors, CAM sensor etc).
R34 turbos (do not smoke at all).
Iridium spark plugs.
HKS airfilters.
R34 Getrag 6 speed box (at idle when warm the gear box sounds like a bag of bolts, this is totally normal with this gearbox when used with the flywheel below).
Nismo coppermix single plate clutch inc solid flywheel (no slipping).
R34 front and rear diffs.
Apexi Power FC 'L' jetro with hand controller (mapped at 1.15 bar for this car, with dyno print out showing 336 bhp at the wheels)
Apexi AVCR Black edition (bought brand new about 4 months ago)
19row 235mm mocal oil cooler with steel lines and thermostatically controlled (oil temp gauge always around 80 deg)
HKS 'priest' full SS exhaust system, decat, after market down pipes (I think they are HKS too).

Cusco brake stopper.
Nismo SS braided brake lines all round (cost loads of £'s)
Motul 600 brakefluid
EBC redstuff pads all round.
HEL SS braided clutch line.
Brand new SS bleed nipples all round.

D2 coilovers with 9.8kg's front and 7kg's rear (I use the car as my daily driver and it copes really well over the bumps and is fantastic round the bends)
Superflex top front adjustable camber bushes.
Superflex steering rack bushes.
Brand new Genuine Nissan steering rackends
Rose joint front adjustable tension rods.
Rose joint rear adjustable camber arms.
Driftworks total Hicas eliminator kit (Fitting the kit is a right git, it involves taking the rear hubs completely off the car and pressing out the old ball joints etc)

18”X9.5” ET20 Ultralite Nurburgring Alloys in Hyper silver, eagle f1 asymmetric 265/35x 18 tyres, ultralite black internal drive wheel nuts and Mcgard locking nuts (all only about 4 months old)

Nismo 320 clocks with matching ctr clocks.
GTR mats.
Dual air bags.
There are no holes drilled anywhere in the dash etc. The interior really is in great standard condition.
Toad AI606 cat 1 alarm with shock and motion sensors (complete with installation cert)
Spare wheel and tool kit present.
New heavy duty battery last year.

What else!!

Oil changed every 4000 miles with Silkolene Pro S.
All other oils changed last year. (silkolene oil used)
Oil pressure good.
The car has been fully waxoyled, inc behind the front wings, in all box sections etc.
I have had the car fully 4 wheel geom'd set up on a Hunter Eng laser tracking machine (full print outs and receipts to show).
The head lights have been removed, prepared and coated in UV resistant lacquer with plastic base coat. (so no more yellowing of head lights).
Taxed until end of March
MOT'd until 17th March 2010
HPI clear (checked when I bought it)
Loads of Receipts (loads from Nissan and paper work)
Comes with the private plate P888 GTR

I really have spent a lot of time and money making / keeping the car great, it does drive really nice and gets loads of good comments from people.
I asking £12,500 ono for a car that has had a lot of time and money spent on it (and in the best and most desirable colour, thats getting rarer)
Any questions feel free to ask, via PM or call me on 07812440026. No canvassers at all please.

I will take some new photo's when the weather is better but here's one for now.

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This has to be the nicest looking R33 for sale at present(IMO). I have been looking for one but unfortunatly can't stretch to that amount. Well Worth the cash though. I'll keep dreaming! Unless you want an S14a! (semi joking)

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oi adz ;) whats wrong with mine! haha

looks like a tidy car myline. Good luck with the sale. Dont let your car sell for a stupid price, people selling their nice GTRs for cheap is killing the market! it is worth the money!

Im not going to let mine go for silly money either!

Free bumpage :)


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This has to be the nicest looking R33 for sale at present(IMO). I have been looking for one but unfortunatly can't stretch to that amount. Well Worth the cash though. I'll keep dreaming! Unless you want an S14a! (semi joking)
Thanks, saw the pic of your S14a and it does look nice. But could do with something like a diesel BMW!!

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i didnt think this would hang around long, not with that spec

well done on the sale mate, i hope the new venture goes acording to plan

good luck

Thanks Alex

It suprised me too how quick it sold, I will be very sad to see it go.
But it means I now have the funds required for my new business. If all goes well i'll be able to buy another one in the future.

Cheers Gav

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Hello Gavin,

Thanks for the information and advise regarding the car really loving in it!! Hope your business goes as plan!! and hopefully one day we will see you again with your own GTR. Hello fellow GTR Owners.

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Wow that was quick Gav...but not suprised at that price, was a steal !

Hello and conrgats zen, nice car.
Hi Snowfiend

Really wanted to get back to the ring this year, but as can be seen. not going to happen! As soon as the pennies are in the back, I'll hopefully get another!!

Yes really good how quick it sold. I know Zen will take care of it and enjoy it.

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