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I have just removed a Miines R34 ecu + Mines cams + pulleys + HKS 2530 turbos + 600cc injectors + Mines airflow meters from my R34.

I also have a Mines R33 ecu - ex David Yu which accepts the above items.

These items are the same as Shin is using in his R34 and is according to his comments, "happy to run on UK fuel".

The items are available with either ecu for sale as a kit.

Best offer to [email protected].

I am in the USA for the next week or two and will call you if you leave a number.

You can call my mobile if you wish on 07980 443 803, but please respect the time difference of 6 hours and call me after 2pm UK time.

I also have a Nismo Gmax twin plate clutch ( up to 650 ft lbs torque )and an uprated steel clutch ( both R33 or R34 ) and some 18" split rims

I also have a HKS steel bottom end ( crank + rods + pistons )+ block for sale if required.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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