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RRP £70.83 + VAT £83.23 + delivery for a box of 10

Our price until further notice £75.00 Inc VAT & Delivery!!!!:bawling:

Call now to place your order or online :

CVL turbo will increase the octane of commercially available pump fuel by up to 4 RON (40 octane points).

Independent tests have shown that a combination of CVL Turbo and Shell Optimax will give a Research Octane Number (RON) of between 101 and 102 octane.

CVL Turbo provides flame front control to prevent detonation and is suited to all turbo and non-turbo engines where maximum performance is demanded. It will appeal to track day enthusiasts, rally competitors and other forms of competitive motoring where the additional octane is demanded.

CVL Turbo is suitable for occasional use in vehicles fitted with catalytic converters and is compatible with nitrous injection systems. Use Millers Octane Plus for continuous use in catalyst equipped vehicles.

As used in abundance by a well known person on here;)


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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