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For any of you F1 buffs out there check out this auction

Its on day 2 of 4 at the moment and they are selling just about anything you can think of from packs of 70 mild seven lighters to the complete Arrows A23 program inc 5 chassis's etc etc. Think its something like 5-10,000 different lots. Some of it is hilarious like the set of 'assorted used hewland gearbox internals'. Funny enough no-one bid on that!
I have to say I thought the 1999 Jordan (various podiums and one 1st place) complete with honda engine V10 was a snip at £45000. They usually sell for hundreds of 1000's.
I was particularly excited as my late brother was a designer for Arrows (Minardi bought all stock) and I've spotted a load of stuff including various bits of front suspension on the 2003 car which he designed. I've already got a few bits and bobs from going up to the factory but I always wanted an Arrows race suit. Unfortunately the pukka 'orange' race suit went for over £600 but I managed to get the year before suit for £300 :) :)

Also, I picked up a couple of front wing covers that look pretty funky in carbon fibre with all the logos on them. Not bad for 80 quid each

I have to say the missus all sense of humour when I mentioned I was going to buy the below and make into a coffee table. Think one bloke bought the lot of them for couple of hundred each. Wheels were also popular going for about 150 each. No doubt Ebay will be full of arrows wheel coffee tables in a few weeks....
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