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Mine’s VX Air Filter (panel)
Mine’s VX-ROM
HKS EVC 6 Boost Controller
600cc Injectors
Mine’s AFM’s
Nismo Air Duct
Nismo Plenum
Nismo Inlet Pipes
Nismo Intercooler
Nismo I/C hard Pipes
Mine’s Fuel Pump

Mine’s Stage 2+++ Engine:
Mine’s Cams IN 260°/lift 10.2 mm, EX 252°/LIFT 9.5mm
Strengthened valves springs
PBB (Cn-Sn-P) valve guides
Beryllium copper (BeCu) valve seats
Re-cut valve seats
Refaced Valves
Inlet and exhaust port honing
Head honing
Metal Head gaskets
Strengthened cylinder head bolts
Strengthened crank bolts
Mine’s lightweight forged pistons
Tomei lightweight forged con rods
Lightened and balanced Mine’s crank
WPC finished pulley journal
ATI Balanced crank pulley
Dummy boring
Block honing and plateau honing
Reimax Oil pump
Strengthened kevlar timing belt
Mine’s Oil pan baffle
Nismo Thermostat
NGK Spark plugs
N1 Water Pump
Thermal Wrapping

HKS GT2530 Turbines (machined)
HKS Actuators
Tomei Exhaust Manifolds
Mine’s Super Outlet Pro II
Mine’s Front Pipe Pro
Mine’s Super Cat replacement
Mine’s VX Professional Titanium II Exhaust
Exedy twinplate carbon clutch
HKS Oil Cooler
Mine’s Race Core Radiator
Nismo Titanium Strut Brace
Garage Defend Carbon Cooling Panel
Samco coolant hoses
Augment Bonnet dampers
HKS Intercooler
Nismo rear upper link set pro ( rear en front )
Nismo tension rod set Pro
Nismo Stabilizer kit front and rear
Nismo underfloor reinforced bar ( front-rear-and center )
Nismo Circuit link set Pro
Nismo Strengthened Rear lower A arm
Hicas lock canceler bar
Carbon GTR wing (not on pics)
AP Racing 6-pot monoblock calipers, 356mm front
AP Racing 4-pot calipers, Rdd discs rear
TEIN super racing circuitmaster suspension plus EDFC
Volk racing GT30 19 inch (not on pics)

ImageShack - Hosting :: 45gv2.jpg

ImageShack - Hosting :: skylinetimeattackcu9.jpg

ImageShack - Hosting :: img4820ty4.jpg

Everything is used less then 500miles

Open for offers!!!!

Spend ALOT on this car and it the first mines engine ever build for Europe!!!!

For sale because i want to start a new project!!!

there was a complete report about this engine on the Kanzen Performance website but i can't find it anymore because the site is offline :(

We have over 100 pics from this engine when they where building it!!

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mines build the engine on 630 hp you can ask them , or nick martin ....

but it feels like a lot more

askingprice is 85000 euro

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Sorry to hear you're selling this car Dennis. I remember the rush to get everything to you before the first Time Attack event and it was great to hear you won :cool:

I spent a lot of time at Mine's discussing the requirements for this engine and the result is quite something. It's basically a Stage2 engine modified for hard circuit use, which includes a custom extended sump and fuel system. The engine was built by Mine's from scratch using all new parts and it's meticulously put together. The first they've ever shipped to a European customer.....

Good luck with the sale and new project, I'll try and link some pictures of the build later although the webpage is now offline.

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:thumbsup: thanks , it was the first time on a track and the car where on 1 bar setting , the time was 2.03 .

now the car is on 1.6 boost an it is from a other world:D

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:squintdan okay guys , put a deposit on a new car , so this one have to go !!!

NEW PRICE 58750 pound :flame:

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I've seen this car at work on time attack in the beginning of this year... in fact he was parked just in front of me at the technical inspection (I'm in the S2000)...
After droling on the car I've seen it on the track... impressive!

If I had the money, I'd be on my way to holland :)

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Good luck with the sale.... Was on visit at Mines when your engine were being build, and it was something. Just to say this engine build had everything and then some, even the guys at mines were looking forward for it to be done.

Here is the pictures i took of your engine :)


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:chairshot nowe or never price !!! it needs fast selling , the new 63 amg is comming , whit pain in my heart and in my pocket ...

THE first to give me close enough is the new owner 50000 pound .

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