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Met. Blue over silver, 2.5 turbo Diesel, 122K kms / 75K miles, SVA converted, 3 door, Stereo, A/C, rear heater / tints. Chrome A bar, front spots, steps, roof spoiler + led, New 31" BFG chunky tyres (£400). TAX + MOT Feb 07.

Fully serviced, including all belts, CAM BELT, fuel + oil filters, oils, new crank seal, new sump gasket, new disks, pads,also front brake hoses have been changed. Gearbox has been flushed with new oils 3 times to ensure smooth change, as has the rar/front diffs and transfer box, lsd at the rear. 4x4 running gear is perfect, changes over smoothly.

Got a VOW oil/fuel heateri nstalled, so can run on veg. oil, and does, making it atremendous little runner. Was going to keep it, run her into the ground so to speak, as I use it as my daily hack to work and back (110 mile round trip). Running 60%/40% veg oil/diesel in the winter, 90%/10% veg / diesel in the summer, does make it quite £££ good. Its a truck, but I get 490km for £40 (£30 oil, £10 diesel).

Good condition, a few knocks / scrapes on the bumper corners and sills, not so much dents but more fine scraps. Fuel pump has all its seals replaced, tuned for veg oil. That cost me £400. This was done at Marina Diesels in Hove, about 5 months ago.

Got hold of a 2.8 LWB exceed, so need to get rid of the SWB now, no point having two. Didnt really want the LWB, brother brought it, didnt like / want it, so I've sort of brought it off him. So, only selling due to having too many cars now. Im not selling it because there's a fault or that is buggered. Infact, the SWB goes very well and is 100% reliable and a right fun little truck to knock about in.

Based in Sussex / Worthing.

So, on to money. I want £2700 ono. Lowest I will go is £2500 so dont bother asking / offering anything lower. Considering I brought if for £2900 10 months ago, and then spent over £1500 on parts, oils, servicing, I reckon its a good deal. For example, Ive just put new balls joints, bushes on the front from Mitsubishi which cost me £130.

Im a Solaris contractor, paid by the hour, so its worth spending money on the car, to ensure it starts and runs perfectly, so I never break down. Breaking down means I loose valuable chargable work hours :)

Here are some pics :-


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07973 744085
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