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Australian made forged balanced
Ross 7:1 pistons, machined in
Australia to Eric Engineering specifications.
Nismo high performance conrods

Nismo high flow oil pump

The custom made ex-touring car 9 litre baffled sump Nismo hi flow water pump

Race prepared ex-Group A touring car head
- fully ported & polished
- Nismo valves (Inconel)
- R4 retainers
- Iskedarian valve springs
This is used with an APEXi steel shim head gasket

Group A touring car spec camshafts.
The camshaft specifications were developed and designed by Eric Engineering. The camshafts work in conjunction with the turbo set-up and radical exhaust design to deliver more power right through the rev range, not just in the top end where most other cams previously used provided gains.
With the current cam-turbo-exhaust-ignition combination, this motor produces more power at 3000 rpm than the previous motor did at 5000 rpm while using the same boost.

This is an ex-Bathurst Group A heavy wall block.
When GT-R engines make big horsepower (600hp+), they have been known to split the standard block. You may be wondering why the inside of the block is white in color ?
It has been sealed with an epoxy coating so that the oil drains back fast and bits of cast iron cannot break from the inside of the motor and go into the oil system. The welsh plugs holes have been tapped, the original welsh plugs removed and replaced with screw in machined aluminium ones to prevent them from ever popping out when under pressure.
This block is a very very rare item. These heavy wall blocks are not available anymore and are irreplaceable!

The exhaust is a dual 3" off the turbo into a collector. This then meets with a
4 inch which goes all the way under the car and meets with dual 3" APEXi pipes
again to the back of the car to give it that standard look. But there is no way this can
be mistaken for a standard system as it is so loud!
With the aid of this exhaust, the boost came on a lot quicker than it did
previously with the dual 3" system. This is due to many hours of dyno
testing and development by ERIC Engineering.


Group A twin turbos flowing approx. 350hp each. These are running approx.
1.5 bar boost. It can handle 2 bar with no problems. At 1.5 Bar boost (22 psi)
it makes approx 600 horsepower at the flywheel.
Surprisingly at only .7 bar (10.2 psi) it made on a 220kW at the wheels
(approx. 422 horsepower at the flywheel ) on a very hot day.

ERIC Engineering intercooler with SAMICO hoses

HKS (remote mounted) with an internal thermostat. The internal thermostat prevents
low oil temperatures (which damages engines) for street use , and on race days it
is used to its full potential to rapidly cool the AMSOIL engine oil , avoiding oil failure.

Holinger 6 speed sequential gearbox with a Triple Plate Tilton Clutch

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