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hi there!

model zone brighton
37 west street
e. sussex
bn1 2re


rc cars are my thing
we stock lots of plastic kit skylines by tamiya
if you got the patiance

radio control are the best
you can buy any 1/10 scale car electric or nitro (its an age thing-nitro wont suit anyone under 15 unless supervised )
and put a skyline shell on it (only the 34 i think)
thats what jamie did
the prices differ from car to car
but the body shell works out at about £25

its easyer if you email me for any questions than phone the shop
or come in theres two major car parks on the same road so
parkings no probs
i work tue / sat/sun
and we mail order (to anywhere)

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My neck of the woods....

Claire (oh, and John ;) ),

Fancy a cup of cocoa when you're down here! I'd offer you a cup of Complan but I'm running a bit short and need that for myself.... ;)
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