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Hi guys,

i've had my car up for sale but haven't really had much joy so am toying with the idea of plumbing in some more bhp. i've got 2860-5's running 600bhp. the whole bottom end is forged and i've got the right bits and bobs fitted. my question is, is it just a case of getting bigger turbos, injectors and a re-map or is it more complex then that?

my spec:
Nismo downpipe
HKS Hardpipe kit
HKS turbo elbows
Apexi super suction kit
Apexi Power FC (and hand controller)
Re-bored block
Wiseco 86.5mm pistons
Eagle rods
Power Enterprise 720cc injectors
N1 Water pump
Jun oil pump
Bosch fuel pump
Tomei 1.2 metal head gasket
Tomei poncams
Tomei cam gears
Greddy Trust exhaust
Greddy timing belt
Greddy Profec B 2 boost controller
De-cat pipe
R34 cas sensor
ACL Race Bearings (big and main)
Garrett 2860-5 turbos and new actuators
Z32 AFM's
Splitfire coilpacks


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iv got a very similar spec engine to yours and im also thinking of more power..iv been thinkn of swaping to -10s but lag is a turn off.

im running 602 and 485ft lbs at 1.4bar at the next step is to dump my afms,and my power fc for a hks fcon vpro and motec map sensor.Im hoping for a bit more power and better drivability from this upgrade..after that its a cam change,cnc head work,bigger turbo/s,inlet,fuel pumps etc etc...
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