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After a quick pm to Cleethorpes to find out where he took his skyline for any work to be done, he put me onto Martyn at motormaxd (Martyn is known on this forum as GT-R Register - Official Nissan Skyline and GTR Owners Club forum - View Profile: Mad Maxd).

I gave Martyn a call and was greeted by a guy who has masses of enthusiasm about skylines and would have probably been more then happy to talk all day about them if he had not been so busy, he told me to call in at his garage (located in Grimsby, I’m near Lincoln), after meeting him and talking for a while I realized that skylines are his passion and he loves to work on them.

As I was going to Australia for 5 weeks over xmas, I arranged with Martyn to do some work on my R33 GTR:-

Dashboard trim to be color coded to the car + 3 air vents replaced
Front suspension lowering
Front grill behind gtr badge to be powder coated
Wiper arms to be re-sprayed
All suspension and steering bushes to be checked and replaced as needed
Replace cam belt and rollers
Check all fluids
Engine was lumpy on tick over and smell of petrol evident, he found leak in inlet manifold gasket, injector No 2 damaged and cam belt loose.
And a few other bits to be looked at

He worked his way through my list and kept in touch by email and msn messenger, he posted pics on his web site, motormaxd and used some parts he had for his latest show car to get the work done on mine.

When I picked the car up on January 11th I was more then impressed, his work is second to none, engine is so smooth now, the dash looks awesome, he’d done a full write up and all pics of strip down for gasket and other bits he’d done were on a cd for me.

Very highly recommend anybody looking for somebody to look after their skyline or do any work should pay him a visit, you will also gain a very good friend.

suspension before


dash trim after

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hi as the above says i am more than impressed with motor maxd which has do work on my r33 gtr n1 i will not take it any were else

many thanks to martin
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