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2002 JDM EP3 Civic Type R in Championship white with several very mild modifications.

37500 miles

Standard equipment includes AC, PAS (electric motor type, incidentally the JDM motor has extra supports that the UK car does not have), EBD, ABS, EW and all of the usual modern conveniences.

The JDM engine has an uprated 215bhp engine containing uprated springs, valves, pistons. It has
different gear ratios and ECU mapping, along with a different intake and exhaust manifolds as well. This particular example also has a Toda racing catalyst back exhaust, which is pretty quiet and gives decent power gains. The car also has a Gruppe M carbon fibre air box and scoop in the scuttle, which sounds fantastic when the VTEC cuts in. Aesthetically the JDM car also has extremely comfortable and supportive Recaro seats, leather 3 spoke steering wheel by MOMO, red carpets, UK emblem, tinted rear windows.
JDM's normally have HID headlights, however the old lights were starting to let in a bit of water and one wasn't working properly so I have changed them for UK halogen headlights. My car has standard suspension, but having seen several UK cars I believe the suspension on the JDM is lower and has a stiffer rear anti-roll bar. Brakes are also emblazoned with 'Type R' emblems. Naturally the car is in Championship white, Honda type R's signature colour.

Here are the details of my car in particular, I have tried to give extremely detailed information of the car. I am a fully qualified motor technician of 11 years and have great experience on working on, preparing and selling Japanese sports cars. I now teach motor engineering. I realise it is pointless to misinform people of the condition of a car so I will give an honest description of the cars positive and negative points.

I have owned the vehicle for approximately 10 months and have completed around 12,000 miles in the car since I purchased it. It has some service history since it was imported, but I have taken exceptional care of the car and it has been regularly serviced since I bought the car. The mileage I have done in the car was almost all, my daily commute which is mainly on dual carriageways putting little stress on the car. I have completed one open pit lane track day in the car and it performed admirably. I have had absolutely no mechanical failures with the car, but this is to be expected seeing as it is a Honda. I am selling the car as I would like something a bit cheaper and better suited to motorway/dual carriageway driving. Although I have had 40mpg from the EP3 I can rarely bring myself to drive so 'conservatively' and the Civic is fairly short geared.

Brakes -

Rear brake pads and discs are in excellent condition , pads have plenty life in them. The front brakes are new, just fitted a few weeks ago. Brake discs are standard Honda items, pads are Ferrodo DS2500 which are suited for fast road and light track day use. I have also fitted Goodridge braided brakes hoses and completely changed them brake fluid for expensive synthetic Motul RBF600 fluid. The brakes work properly however the paint on the brake callipers has partially peeled off since the photos were taken due to the heat of heavy brake use at the one track day the car has done.

Wheels and tyres -

The wheels are in good condition, there are a few curbing marks but nothing substantial. When cleaned they come up very well in gleaming white. Tyres fitted are Pirelli P-Zero's in superb condition with loads of life left in them.

I also have available a spare set of standard EP3 wheels which I can offer for an additional £180 in silver with tyres fitted in reasonable condition. Tyres are Toyo T1-R's and are no longer road legal but fine for track, also another pair of Pirelli P-Zero's also in near new condition.

Suspension/chassis -

Suspension is in excellent order. I have recently had the wheel alignment checked and set up on the car and its all excellent. Apparently EP3's can often have adverse camber, particularly on the rear but this car is as near perfect as could be. There is absolutely no pulling when accelerating or lifting off the throttle. Shock absorbers seem fine, bushes are all nice and firm. EP3's are often known for having weak engine mounts, the mounts in this EP3 are all firm and in excellent order. There are no knocks at all.

Body -

The bodywork for the car is pretty good considering the vehicle is now 7 years old and is in general excellent. The car has had some repairs on the rear although nothing that has in any way effected the strength of the structure. The back bumper and probably the tailgate has been been replaced and there are no signs of anything having been crumpled. Looking at the car underneath there are no signs of any damage or repairs at all. The car is also HPI clear. Once again I state the car drives perfectly 'straight' and all the alignment settings are in fact better than most EP3's. The back bumper has a chip of paint missing about the size of a 50 pence piece and the section just above the exhaust is slightly melted although you can see this in the photos. I recently had the windscreen replaced due to a stone chip that spread badly. The UK headlights fitted are a near perfect fit but the bumpers fit lines are very very slightly effected by the tiny difference in the UK/J headlight differences. The front bumper has stone chips, nothing more. I have recently replaced all of the wiper blades.

Interior -

The cars interior is in exceptional condition. Front seats are unmarked and have been recently professionally valeted. Only faults are a few marks on the dashboards plastic, which are barely noticeable and one of the bits of plastic for the passenger seat has fallen off (bad Recaro design, I should have glued it on!) although this is probably in the car somewhere. The drivers window seal is slightly damaged ( a tiny tiny amount) which sometimes causes the window to catch, I understand this is a normal ep3 fault and personally I just ignore it. I have a Kenwood Ipod compatible CD head unit, the front speakers are also uprated professionally with Alpine items, tweeters are also neatly installed in the front. Spare wheel and kit are all in place, I know this as I recently had to use the scissor jack. The air conditioning is also working well.

Engine -

Engine is in excellent order. The oil when checked on the dipstick is still perfectly clear representing a well serviced motor. I have oil and filter ready for the vehicles next service already. I recently checked the K&N type filter within the Gruppe M air box and found it to be extremely clean and well oiled, so I left it be. The cam cover has been smoothed and painted a nice metallic red colour. Personally I like the standard crackle finish but this does look really good, apparently this was done by someone in the owners club before and was painted before I purchased the vehicle. Coolant is in perfect order, very clean, no leaks. Brake fluid like I said was recently replaced. The car is currently fitted with the standard ECU although I have a Hondata K-pro ECU which was mapped by CPL racing last year. I plan to sell this separately although I can include it for an additional £500 on top of the asking price. This gives the car a massive increase in mid range torque and the 2nd cam profile on the VTEC systems cuts in about 1000rpm earlier than the standard ECU. There isn't really anything else to report.

Gearbox/drive -

The gears engage perfectly. There are absolutely NO crunches from the gear synchro's. The clutch has absolutely no slip, the biting point is fairly low but not heavy and still working well.

The vehicle has a few months tax I think and a long MOT.

So there we have it. Viewing is absolutely by appointment only, I am extremely busy and my time is limited. If required I can also arrange the vehicle to be viewed on a vehicle ramp so you can view the condition of the vehicles underside.

PX's may be considered, would like an S2000 maybe or an Altezza Beams but really I'm looking for a mile muncher and I'm fairly particular about the cars I buy, not interested in anything high mileage (70,000+).

I'm looking for £8000 for the car with the option of the Hondata Kpro and the spare set of wheels at additional cost, considering the current Japanese exchange rate and the rarity of this car I think this is an extremely reasonable price which takes into account the non structural repair the vehicle has undergone.

Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested.

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