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:p Just in case anyone wanted to know what was up with my R33 at Kemble yesterday & why it decided to not spark on number 6,well,heres the story.

A couple of weeks ago I had an idea and decided to run some ribbbed-plastic pipe from the front of my car between the intercooler & the oilcooler up the inside of the wing straight to the
air-filters.Loads & loads of cool air direct to the filters......brilliant or what,it took about one hour to fit & cost almost nothing.
Along comes the downside to my joy.......ME with my jet washer,I got carried away as per usual and sprayed lots of water up my pipes trying to get rid of all those flys and because my pipes were ribbed the water stayed inside with no where to go but up into my engine.Saturday arrived,met up with Guy in Guildford and cruised up to the M4 rendezvous.The 15 or so GT-R convoy upto junction 17 was great,dropping back & racing past everyone but I think it was when we started to hit 140-160mph the water made its merry way up and soaked a big conector-block that lives under the airfilters.What this "block"is for I don`t know but it knocked out the spark on 6.
Thankyou to all you guys who stopped at junction 17 & for driving slowly to the circuit,cheers.Special thanks to Tim,Bruce& Gary for getting me fixed.
The moral,if there is one,is don`t try to be a clever bastard like me!........or you will get water up your pipe;)

What is this "block",Why is it there?Garages or experts please!
This could happen to you TOO!

That Hunter Jet scared the s*^t out of me...

Nice day,great people & the best cars by far,


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Only happy to be of Help!


Only Happy to been of Help!

As I am very to new to the world of Skyline it's always good to be involved in a little troble shooting, you never know when it will be of help!

Ace day :smokin: Ace People :smokin: Ace fun:smokin: and Well don to Peter E And Thanks to Jamie M for yet again Scaring the pants of me!! Now I know how my Pasangers felt!

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