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For sale Endless R32 GTR 1992 (K plate).

I no longer have the time to dedicate myself to it now I have a young family.

The car was imported by Prospec last year. This is an ENDLESS tuned car.

Endless adapted head including intake and exhaust port modifications
HKS metal head gasket 1.2mm
HKS intake cam shaft 272 step 2 10.2mm lift
HKS exhaust cam shaft 272 step 2 10.2mm lift
HKS intake adjustable pulley
HKS exhaust adjustable pulley
HKS valve spring kit step 2
Trust 720cc injectors 6nr
HKS additional injectors 2nr
Endless modified fuel rail
Trust iridium cold range 8 plugs
Trust T88-34D-18cm turbo charger
Trust stainless steel exhaust manifold
Trust stainless steel down pipe
Trust high flow type ‘c’ wastegate
Endless screamer pipe (near side front wing exit)
KSP racing exhaust stainless steel system
HKS racing induction kit
Trust 3 layer intercooler
HKS oil cooler
HKS oil filter relocation kit
Bosch in-tank fuel pump
Bosch external fuel pump
Os giken twin plate clutch
Os giken close ratio cross gear kit
HKS kansai lower arm bar kit
HKS kansai pillow ball tension rod kit
HKS kansai rear member rigid kit
Hicas cut
Trust Strut brace
N1 brake system
Stainless steel braided brake hoses
Master cylinder stopper
HKS f-con V (silver) Endless mapped
HKS EVC controller (glove compartment mounted)
Torque controller (mounted on ECU) (controls both straight line and cornering ratio)
HKS oil pressure gauge (pod mounted)
HKS exhaust gas temperature gauge (pod mounted)
Greddy turbo gauge (pod mounted)
Tektom meter (dash mounted)
Apexi multi checker (dash mounted)
Turbo timer (dash mounted)
HKS oil temperature gauge (glove compartment mounted)
HKS water temperature gauge (glove compartment mounted)
HKS additional injector controller (glove compartment mounted)
Billion fan controller (glove compartment mounted)
Nismo front lip spoiler
Volk racing alloys TE37 (17 inches)
Falken 235 x 40 x 17 tyres 7mm tread left
Endless battery transfer kit (boot mounted)
Endless custom oil catch tank
Endless custom turbo heat shields
HKS engine dress
ARC oil cap
Nismo radiator cap
Nismo floor mats 5nr
Momo steering wheel
Works bell quick release steering wheel boss
Defi heads up display
Mine’s clocks
Alpine CD/MP3 player
Alpine speakers
Meta cat 1 alarm

The car is tax and tested as you would expect and has been recently serviced.

This is a very well put together package and powerful car, and is standing testimate of the knowledge and skills the Japanese tuners ENDLESS have.

The car was put through its paces on the Dyno packs at Abbey Motorsport earlier this year and produced a figure of 732 BHP at the flywheel (661 at the hubs) and 472 IBft torque. Please read the following thread for a little more information regarding my power run at Abbey.

I will be sad to see it go, but go it must £15,495.00 ovno.

Serious enquiries please to Stuart 07968 478 475 or [email protected]

The photos are not the best and they were taken whilst in Japan, however I will upload some more this weekend of both interior and exterior.

Thanks for looking and kind regards

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Never got the chance to do a 1/4 time to be honest. With the power its producing i would like to assume mid to late 10's (with the wind in the right direction).

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According to the other thread the boost comes in quite early considering it's a T88.
How is it in everyday driving?

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Man that's bargain for such a car, drove several cars wich had Endless tuned engines and setups . . . it's like TOMEI I would say: . . . put together by the hands of god! . . .:p

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Pictures added

Flint, Day to day driving is fine and very responsive the T88 and cams work very well togethor. :)
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