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i havent posted pics for some time on here as the car hasnt really changed much but she has been on axle stands for 18months now and is ready for the roads now. i have spent along time on her moping and waxing also detailing the engine bay. hope you like

my new suspension purchased off neilo, many thanks fella... well chuffed.

just waiting for a top secret breather/washer tank and a garage defend carbon cooling panel from matty.

she is coming together, more complete more now than ever.

will put a few more up this week.

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Very nice GTR.

Is the turbo a T51kai-BB? Can you give me some info about your setup? and your impression about power and torque?


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2.6 twin turbo
Running on jun pistons 87mm
Lightened and balanced crank and rods
New bearings
Jun rod bolts
Jun cranks bolts
Jun baffle
Jun oil pump
Jun cams( 264 duration, 9.8m lift)
Race ported head.
Jun head bolts
HKS T51R Kai turbo
greedy blow off valve
De-cat pipe
custom down pipe and a hks racing external wastegate
Blitz nur spec exhaust
custom manifold
tomei 1.2 gasket
tomei gaskets the rest
NGK plugs
Blitz intercooler
Innovate performance oil cooler kit
Greddy catch tank
100mm hks entry air filter
Hks intercooler half piping kit
Samco water pipe kit
Braided hoses where possible
Jun ultra light weight flywheel
Exceddy single plate clutch(do for now)
Life Racing F88 engine management running anti lag and launch control(custom system used on leman gt cars)
sard 800cc dual injectors
tomei in tank pump
sard reg
air injectors

she runs 684bhp with 554 torque at 2 bar

made peek torque at 6180 and peek power at 6800 rpm

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i heard this while waiting in a pub carpark at japfest,

it sounds stunning!!!

thats a really nice car you have there matey!

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Lovely car you have there bud. Saw it @ japfest and looked really really good. Love those Blitz wheels too, suite the car a treat. Not thinking of selling them by any chance!!!?
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