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There is a lot of mods :)

- Nismo N1 Engine
- Nismo N1 Camshaft
- Nismo N1 Pistons
- Nismo N1 T3/T4 hybrid turbos
- Nismo Decat Pipe
- Full Apexi Titanium Exhaust
- Full HKS & Greddy Piping Turbos Kit
- HKS Massive Front mounted intercooler
- Nismo Front mounted oilcooler
- HKS Induction Kit with piping
- Greddy Water piping kit
- HKS Iridium Sparkplugs
- Apexi 660cc Injectors
- Nismo fuel Pump
- Nismo N1 Oil Pump
- Apexi Power FC Full ECU + Commander
- Greddy Profec-B Boost controller
- HKS Suspensions fully adjustable

This is the list i have from last owner :) car has been dyno'ed at 530bhp @ 1.2bars

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R33_GTS-t said:
Some 14+ inch brakes wouldn't go amiss either but I'm being pedantic.:p
Ohh, of course, a braking system upgrade would be good on the specs sheet.
The replacing of the Nismo sticker on the front bonnet by a proper one (with a transparent background) would be good too.
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